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Comparing two tables for equality with Spark SQL

The best way of comparing two tables to determine if they are the exact same is to calculate the hash sum of each table and then compare the sum of hash. The benefit of the technique below are that no matter how many fields there are and no matter what data types the fields may be, you can use following query to do the comparison:


Of course if the schemas of the two tables are different this will by default produce different hash values.

How to drop a Spark Delta table and associated files using Spark SQL and cmd

#Step 1
#Find and replace schemaName
#Find and replace tableName

#Step 2 
#Find the table 
#Via Databricks run the Spark SQL query below
#default is schema, change as needed
DESC FORMATTED schemaName.tableName;

#Step 3
#From the table returned scroll down to "location" and copy the field value
#Find and replace locationFieldValue

#Step 5
#Via Databricks using Spark SQL drop the table
DROP TABLE tableName

#Step 6
#Find and replace locationFieldValue
#By the means you use to interact with Databricks File System (dbfs), e.g. cmd python virtual environment
#Run command below
dbfs rm -r "locationFieldValue"