XL Booster

XL Booster logoA small, yet very efficient application that can be used to set the priority of Microsoft Excel to high in the process list, as well as restore it to normal.

So what does that mean?

Your computer doesn’t know that Excel is probably the most important thing running for you. It thinks the casual web browsing you do is just as important as that big analysis you’re working. That means CPU resources are shared evenly without excel having priority.

XL Booster is a handy and reliable program designed to assign a high priority to Excel with the press of a button.

How to use.

Once installed when you click on XL booster the computer is set to focus on running Excel, i.e. the processor priority is set to high. Whenever you want to reset the priority to normal click on XL booster again.

Tip: Assign XL Booster to your task bar and use it to open excel, instead of opening excel directly, and your computer will be focused on running Excel each time it opens.

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