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How to fix an Azure Data Factory Pull Request Merge Conflict

Typically most pipeline development use cases can be handled directly within Data Factory through the Azure Web Portal. However where the line can get blurred sometimes between working in the cloud and working locally is with DevOps GIT.

If a GIT based deployment gets tangled there is an expectation you will be able to work through the desktop interface for GIT or worse fall back to using command line.

This is necessary because before a GIT pull request can complete, any conflicts with the target branch must be resolved and this usually involves issuing a few commands to put the matter right. The options for resolving conflicts through the web portal by default are limited to nonexistent which is at odds with the very high level, low code approach of developing pipelines in Data Factory.

Luckily if a merge conflict occurs there is an extension you can try.


A conflict might occur because the master branch is no longer in sync with the development branch for example i.e. the master branch was changed after a development branch was created from it. When a pull request is created this may throw a merge conflict error blocking the merge from proceeding. Without resorting to code the extension above will allow you to choose between the source and target branch and specify which has the correct file version.