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How to fix the right analog stick of a generic PC controller for Fifa Online 3

Fifa Online 3 is a free version of Fifa that is popular in Asia as an esport title. The gameplay and visuals are a little dated but it’s still a solid experience at a great price. You won’t make it through the tutorials however if you are using a cheap generic PC controller (say one that is coincidentally shaped like an xbox controller) as you won’t be able to save penalties. This is because the right analog stick may not be recognised.

The fix is quite simple.

Download the file x360ce from the following site by clicking on the “download for 32 bit games” button at the top of the screen.


(Be sure to test the downloaded file with whatever antivirus software you have installed)

Once you are satisfied the software is safe extract the file to the root directory of where you installed the game. (Note: the game directory will probably not be called Fifa etc. it will likely be a series of numbers)

Open the file and you should be given an option button to “Create”.

Click this button and a Xbox controller calibration window will open.

Click “Auto” and then “Save”, and that should do it.

See the video below for a more visual guide, just don’t download the 64 bit file.

How to play Quake 3 on your android TV stick using a PS3/4 controllerler.

The following is a tutorial on how to get this awesome FPS (which has aged beautifully and looks fantastic on a big Full HD Screen) onto your android TV stick (ATS), in my case a Tronsmart CX919, but this tutorial will also work for any android device.


Firstly in order to use a PS3/4 controller wirelessly your device will need to be rooted. If you do not have your device rooted please see this tutorial written for a CX919 device. (It will likely work for other devices too) Although you can use a keyboard and mouse if you’re old school or the touch controls on the screen if your device is mobile.

Secondly you will need the sixaxis controller app installed and setup on your device. If you do not have it installed please see this tutorial.

Steps to install Quake 3:

Running Quake 3 on an android device is achieved with the use of the Qiii4A app available on google play.

Step 1. Install this app.

QIII4A is a port of ioquake3 (which is a free software first person shooter engine based on Quake 3) to Android. So installing the app provides you with the engine for Quake 3 but not the game.


(IF YOU JUST WANT SOME FPS MULTIPLAYER ACTION: You have the option to install the game data for OpenArena also. OpenArena is a community-produced deathmatch FPS based on GPL idTech3 technology. There are many game types supported including Free For All, Capture The Flag, Domination, Overload, Harvester, and more.

Just press the button in the launcher app to download and install it.

Happy with just OpenArena?

Job done, you can stop reading now.


You want more, keep reading.

Step 2. Get a copy of the Quake 3 baseq3 folder.

In order to install the Quake 3 game data you need the “baseq3” folder from the Quake 3 game which you can buy on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/2200. In order to complete these steps it’s probably best to swap over to using a PC. You can download the game and pull the baseq3 folder from it.

(If you only have an android device at your disposal, you just need the baseq3 folder, oh I wonder where you could find that, wink wink nudge nudge.)

Step 3. Once you have the baseq3 folder.

Create a folder named qiii4a and paste baseq3 into it.

Step 4. Copy and paste the qiii4a folder to the folder specified in QIII4A launcher app

(example of correct path to “baseq3” folder: “/sdcard/qiii4a” directory in launcher). Note: you can also transfer the qiii4a folder to the external SD card of your android device and point the launch app to that location, example “/external_sd/qiii4a” However I would recommend that you have an external sd that is a class 10 micro sd card for the best performance.

Step 5. Launch the qiii4a app.

On  the controls screen check the following:

  • Smooth joystick
  • Hide onscreen buttons and enable mouse
  • Autodetect mouse
  • Mouse cursor position: Top left

On the graphics screen check the following:

  • 32 bit color
  • Screen resolution: Custom, then set the custom to whatever you have your ATS display set to. In my case it’s 1280 X 720
  • MSAA 16x

Step 6. Start the game and change the following settings

Use the right analogue stick to move the cross hair and R1 to select. (Or navigate with the keyboard)

Go to setup:

System > Graphics:

Basically you can just max out all the settings. Take a moment to appreciate how far technology has come that a little matchstick box sized computer that cost around 30 bucks can take all this classic has to throw at it.

Just be sure to set the video mode close to the custom display setting in the  Qiii4A app so aiming syncs up.

System > Controls:

You’ll have to play around with mouse speed until you find something you’re comfortable with. Chances are straight off the bat the controls won’t feel right.

Set smooth mouse on, free look on and map the right analogue stick button press as zoom view.

That’s pretty much it, you’re ready to go.

My advice is that you step through the single player game until you get your eye in and the controls set up comfortably. Once you’re settled you can move onto the multiplayer and play online. Stay away from excessive though, you’ll be eaten alive.

And now for my final thoughts.

In my opinion quake 3 is the best FPS experience on android. Even the latest Call of Duty games are based on the Quake engine in some shape or form so the value of the gameplay cannot be called into question.

In terms of visuals, no it’s not as pretty as Star Wars Battlefront but five minutes into a match and you’ll be too engrossed in taking revenge on the guy that just fragged you to really critique the less than epic visuals.

It’s a game all about blisteringly fast gameplay and android, with it’s still limited hardware, provides the perfect platform on which to appreciate an old classic again.

Android really needs a great FPS to make it a proper gaming platform, and what better FPS than the greatest FPS ever?


How to connect your android device to a Playstation 3 or 4 controller wirelessly

A list of directly compatible games is at the bottom of this post.


Firstly you will need your device rooted. Rooting the device just means you have administrative privileges on the device, but unlike windows it’s not as simple as just changing a setting. Please see this tutorial on checking if an android device is rooted and this tutorial if you need instruction on rooting your device.

Connecting your PS3/4 controller to your android device:

As with all things android you might have guessed you need an app to connect your device to your Playstation controller. In this case you need the sixaxis controller. Unfortunately the app isn’t free but it is cheap!

However before you go handing over your dosh the guys at dancing pixel studios (strange choice of names considering they don’t seem to make any games) were nice enough to create the sixaxis compatibility checker so you can try before you buy.

Step 1.

Install the compatibility checker from the play store here.

Step 2.

Once installed, open the app and click Start. If you get a connection failed your device is not supported.

Sorry dude.

If not, Yay!


Step 3.

Connect your controller to your device with a mini usb cable.

Step 4.

Click pair. This will write your android’s Bluetooth address to the controller. (Don’t worry about the pad not working on the playstation anymore, they’re a terrible console anyway. JK, to reconnect your controller to your playstation just connect the controller via the usb cable and it will write the playstation address back onto the controller.)

Step 5.

Once paired click start on the app. The device is now listening for controllers. If the controller is not turned on press the power button in the center. Now when you press buttons on the controller you should see them appearing on screen.

Congratulations, your device is compatible you now have the honour of buying the app here.

Some setup advice:

When you first use the app you’ll be asked to tick the box recognising Sixaxis Controller as a Keyboard & Input Method. Do so. It asks because this is a security feature as such devices could be potential recording key strokes etc.

In general settings I always have the box Auto Start ticked, this means the app launches whenever the device is turned. For the idle timeout option I set the timeout for 300, which means if the controller is not interacted with for five minutes the app turns the controller off saving the battery. On the subject of battery you can use your device to charge the controller which is nice.

Not all games are compatible even more so if you’re using an Android box or stick:

Native compatible of a game means that it was programmed to accept inputs from controllers some great examples being BombSquad, Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger however, sadly, a lot of games do not support native compatibility.

This could be for a number of reasons, like the developer just never bothered to code compatibility into the app or the app might compete with a console version of the game and the developer doesn’t want to cannibalize the market. Man I wished Fifa had controller support. . .

However the sixaxis controller app comes with a great feature to map button presses. This is especially useful to the PUBG mobile fans out there.

How to do this though is another post in itself so I suggest you google around, there’s plenty of great tutorials out there and the gentle souls of the internet have even created touch profiles for games available to download saving you the trouble of doing the mapping yourself.

Sadly though mapping on many Android boxes and sticks don’t seem to work to well if at all. This is down to these devices often shipping without the necessary touch drivers because they don’t have screens. Which makes sense, why ship a device with touch drivers that doesn’t have a screen? For PUBG mobile players who want to use a controller of course!

The following is a list of games that you can play using the android sixaxis controller app.

Remapping of keys maybe necessary, the correct mapping is as follows.

  • Cross: A
  • Circle: B
  • Square: X
  • Triangle: Y


I’ll be adding to this list over time so if I’ve missed a game you’ve tested and know to work please comment below.

  1. Dead Trigger (free)
  2. Dead Trigger 2 (free)
  3. Evac
  4. Asphalt 8 (free)
  5. Dead Effect (free)
  6. Beach Buggy Blitz (free)
  7. Beach Buggy Racing (free)
  8. Dream League Soccer (free)
  9. BombSquad (free)
  10. Horizon Chase (free)
  11. PewPew (free)
  12. PewPew 2
  13. Skyriders (free)
  14. ShadowGun
  15. SoulCraft (free)
  16. Real Boxing (free)
  17. Skate Party 2 (free)
  18. GT Racing 2
  19. Manuganu 2 (free)
  20. Shooty Skies (free)
  21. Reckless Racing
  22. Rail Racing
  23. Jet Car Stunts 2
  24. Aces of the Luftwaffe (free)
  25. Tank Riders (free)
  26. Raging Thunder 2 (free)
  27. Annelids (free)
  28. Warlings: Armageddon (free)
  29. Table Top Racing (free)
  30. Sine Mora
  31. Pako – Car Chase Simulator (free)
  32. Sword Of Xolan (free)
  33. Nub’s Adventure (free)
  34. Super Dangerous Dungeons (free)
  35. Only One (free)
  36. Turbo Dismount (free)
  37. Particle Arcade Shooter
  38. Luminescence (free)
  39. Leo’s Fortune
  40. Does Not Commute
  41. Pac-Man (free)
  42. Redline Rush (free)
  43. Radiant (free)
  44. Zenonia
  45. Voxel Rush (free)
  46. Winter Fugitives *
  47. Hopeless *
  48. Tiny Thief *
  49. Smash Hit * (free)

Any other suggestions please feel free to add a comment below.