How do you tell if your Android device is rooted?

So here’s a quick and simple explanation of what a rooted device is.

By default the android OS blocks you and apps from doing the things that could potentially break (brick) the device or pose security concerns. But there are instances were an app legitimately needs access to some of the devices locked out functionality.

For example the sixaxis controller app lets you connect your device to a PS3/4 controller but requires root access to be able to manipulate the device’s bluetooth signal. This is a legitimate reason to require access to bluetooth but a more unscrupulous app might want access to transmit your phone’s data across a short range.

A rooted android device just means you have administrative privileges on the device, so you get to choose what you or an app can use/do, but unlike windows it’s not as simple as just changing a setting.

So how do you tell if an android device is rooted?

It’s simple, as with all things android you just use an app!

Install Root Checker from the play store and you’re good to go.

For a tutorial on how to root your device click here.

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