How to write T-SQL Geography data to a table

Below is some example code for writing the SQL Server geography data type to a table. Note by default geography data is stored in a binary format but it can be converted to a string to make it human readable.

Note: Pass in Longitude and Latitude values in that order.

/*Demo of geo data*/

SET @g = GEOGRAPHY::STPointFromText('POINT(53.578741 -6.611670)', 4326);

/*Geography data is in binary format*/
SELECT @g AS 'GeoBinaryFormat';

/*Convert binary data to a string*/
SELECT @g.ToString() AS 'ConvertingDataToString';

/*Inserting geo data into Table*/
CREATE TABLE #GeoTest ([CoordinateLocation] [geography] NULL);

INSERT INTO #GeoTest (CoordinateLocation)
SELECT GEOGRAPHY::STPointFromText('POINT(53.578741 -6.611670)', 4326);

FROM #GeoTest;


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